(I prefer the old Church)

Yo prefiero la vieja Iglesia


What the Catholic Church once was.

When she rises again, her future will even be more glorious. [cf. Rev 20:1-6]

Blessed be God for his true Prince of the Church and may the LORD God bless him forever.

His Eminence George Pell | Wikipedia

Scalfari: “Pope has De Facto Abolished Sin With Evangelii Gaudium”
Source: “Pope Francis Just Abolished Sin” — Scalfari’s New Christendom, Where God is Replaced by I, Monday, December 30, 2013 | The Eponymous Flower.

Vatican responded: cf. It’s official: Pope has not abolished sin, says Vatican, Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:29am EST | Reuters.

It appears that this is tha case from 2014 Synod’s “Relatio post disceptationem”

cf. Erdö’s Relatio cancels sin and the natural law in an instant, October 15, 2014, Il Foglio | Roberto de Mattei – Source: De Mattei on the Synod Relatio: “The Need to Resist Heretical Tendencies” | RORATE CÆLI.

Sin abolished by: “gradualness of law” vs. “law of gradualness”.

What is the ‘the Law of Gradualness’ ? | ChristianityStackExchange

Can a child presented by a same sex couple be validly baptized in the Catholic Church? | ChristianityStackExchange


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